Alen J

Turn any analogue watch to smart watch

Everybody wants their watch to be smart yet display the classy look of their analogue timepieces.A good news for all those people who want their existing watches to be smart, a small time Canadian company called Wearatec is planning to produce a smart clasp known as Link. On the underside of the wrist, notifications will be displayed by the technically smart watch besides being installed with a lot of operations common to that of a smart watch.

The Link connects to watches and contains a NFC chip which will allow the user to do contactless payments. Link’s NFC chip also enables to mimic items such as door security passes, loyalty cards etc. So basically the user will be able unlock doors by just touching their wrist. This smart clasp is similar to the folding type found in some metal watches and it will replace the existing one to provide a lot of updated functions. There are many similar products already launched in the market but Link looks more promising and better in every aspect. Wearatec claimed to start shipping Link by the end of this year if only they can gather necessary funds. The estimated price of the to-be launched product will be around $289-$449, without shipping charges being included. This project is surely going to add some brain to existing watches and it may become one of the options for people who don’t want to trade their existing watches for a smart one.