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Tesla Motors – The future of electric cars

Formed in 2003 to disprove the age old belief of electric cars not being able to perform as good the conventional gasoline motor cars in terms of power and acceleration, the Tesla motors took the worlds of engineering and innovation by storm.  Cars built to outclass every other motor vehicle were an engineering feat that raised many eyebrows when it came to the price tag.

Tesla - Model 3 is one of the affordable cars with great performance and price starting at $35,000. It can go from 0-60mph under 6 seconds; it also has 215 miles battery charge with the super-charging feature. It has been designed to achieve five-star safety rating and had attracted more than 400,000 pre-orders.
Inspired by Tesla, many high-end car companies started building electric cars and they are trying their best to create premium cars in EV segment. Many startups are also entering in this field. Tesla’s potential china rivals are LeEco Super EV and Faraday Future FFZERO1.The cars would offer autonomous and smart connected experience. The major setback of Tesla is it has not been able to make profits. Both the challengers LeEco and Faraday Future are going to pose some threat to Tesla. The major advantage for the rivals is that China has been facing worst pollution, this has made the Government to remove carbon emission from automotive industries and the companies are also getting financial incentives for their production in greener car market. Many other competitors are in the race.
There has been a major transition in the automotive industry. The future of electric cars has been set now with Telsa showing the way and it's time to experience and innovate further.

Steve Jurvetson -