Alen J

No more body shaming, be what you are

When you are a child everybody pulls your cheek and wows that how cute you look but when you grow older that wowing becomes howling of body shaming.

“You are so fat, nobody will marry you.”
 “Get a liposuction”
“You look so thin, why you are not hogging food.”
“Drink that shake in the advertisement, you’ll gain weight”

And more and more words start pricking your ears. But let us for a minute gather all our strength and shout on the top of our lungs and say that it doesn’t matter.

Life is about loving yourself for each and every day but not of that which includes the opinion of others. Life is to make it large and being concerned about bigger things in your life like your dreams and goals.

It doesn’t matter if you are fat or thin. If you love the way you are then you should fight for it. Don’t let those absurd and careless minds make you low or think useless for even one second. People mindsets keep changing, the person who suggested liposuction might tell "Why you did that, taking risks ?" next day.

The most important thing to be noted is that if you want to change yourself then do it because you want to and not because have to.