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Meet Jessica Cox, the world's first licensed arm less pilot

Yes, She is the World's first armless piolet, born armless but nothing stopped her from dreaming big. 

She started off by flying in a single engine airplane for the first time via Wright Flight in 2005. After three years of constant hard work and training, Cox got her pilot certificate in October 2008. She received her flight training through Able Flight Scholarship and after three years, she was qualified to fly a light sport aircraft to an altitude of 10000 feet.   

Apart from showing her extraordinary skills in the field of airways, she is also a certified Scuba driver. She is also well known as a motivational speaker and she has travelled over 20 countries to share her message.

She lives a normal life like others, the only difference being she uses her feet instead of arms. According to Cox, she is inspired by the quote – I don’t give up. Though she was armless, her disability never stopped her from chasing her dreams.  During her childhood, she did all the activities like any other normal girl such as undertaking swimming lessons, being a girl scout, modeling, and tap dancing. At the age of 14, she achieved a black belt in Taekwondo.

Jessica Cox is married to Patrick Chamberline, who has been by her side during all her tours and activities. Along with her parents, Patrick also plays the role of a strong supporter in Jessica’s life.
Jessica has set a right example of what one can achieve and she has also proved that disabilities are never a barrier in achieving success. Recently, she has published her autobiography, named as Disarm your Limits.

Source: BBC News