Alen J

Effects of soft drinks on your teeth

The Independent

Consumption of soft drinks is on the rise, with more than 50% of the American population taking in at least one serving of these sugary drinks each day. To add tot his, we have statistics on coca cola (a popular brand of soft drink), which states that more than 1.9 billion servings of coca cola are sold each day. Such alarming figures,only point towards the fact that, consumption of sugar-loaded soft drinks is increasing with each passing day, which already have detrimental effects on one’s health.

From gaining weight to falling prey to obesity and diabetes, soft drinks can certainly take a toll over one’s health. Apart from these health issues, soft drinks also have serious ill effects on oral health.

Several research studies have postulated the fact that, sugary drinks are extremely harmful to teeth and do more harm than any good when consumed regularly. When individuals drink soft drink, the high content of sugar present in the drinks, interacts with the bacteria in the mouth and form acid. The acid that is formed attacks the teeth, thereby weakening the enamel and paving a way for cavities and tooth decay.

Moreover, soft drinks also contain acid, which also actively participates in the process of enamel erosion. Unfortunately, children are at an increased risk for tooth decay due to soft drinks having underdeveloped enamel, which gets eroded easily due to constant contact with soft drinks.

Another most interesting fact that should be known by individuals is when one is thirsty and saliva production is on the lower side, the acids do major harm to the teeth. When one is appropriately hydrated, the saliva in the mouth adequately protects the teeth from the attack by acids; which however fails to happen during conditions of thirst. Individuals, especially children are therefore advised to maintain a safe distance from soft drinks or drink it only at times, as and when required.