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10-year-old hacked Instagram, awarded $10,000 prize

How old one can be to hack an Instagram account? Well with the advancement of the technology and increment of gray matter in the new generation, nobody really knows the proper answer to that question. Jani, a 10-year-old hacker from Finland became the youngest person to receive the bounty from facebook’s bug bounty program.

Little Jani who is not yet old enough to have his own social account discovered a bug which can give access to anyone to delete any given comment on Instagram, a photo-video sharing company which was bought by Facebook on 2012 for $1 billion. In an interview with the Finnish news outlet Italehti, Jani said that the flaw which he exposed gave him the power to delete anyone’s comments, even those by Justin Bieber. However, he chose to leave Bieber alone and informed facebook instead about his hack. After being informed about Jani’s exploits, the company created a test account and posted a comment in order to test the veracity of t10-yearear old’s claim and Jani proved to be triumphant. The company compensated the young Finn with a lump sum amount of $10,000 and thus, Jani set the new record of being the youngest bounty hunter recognised by Facebook. Although, it is not overt yet how Jani uncovered the susceptibility but it has been cleared by a Facebook executive that Jani’s approach was totally ethical and he had no underlying motive. As reported by Italehti, Jani plans to pursue his career in computer security saying that it would be his dream job.